Shawn Sasooness Esq.

“Life’s all about making choices, good or bad, you’re here because of the choices you make.” – Lou Holtz

Shawn Sasooness is one of the Founding Partners of SW Employment Law Group. Mr. Sasooness has made it his mission to give a powerful voice to the people. He has dedicated his practice of law to representing individuals, and more specially, representing employees against their employers. As he likes to put it, representing the little guy against the big guy. As such, he is dedicated to standing by his clients every step of the way. He believes in a central theme that his clients seek his representation because they have been treated unfairly and taken advantage of by their employer, and therefore, his number one priority is to guide them through the difficult times, while at the same time providing a world-class client experience.

Mr. Sasooness is a skilled litigator with extensive experience in the areas of civil litigation. He does not approach any two cases the same and takes a unique approach to every case. This is what allows him to succeed with his clients and in the courtroom. Mr. Sasooness has earned the recognition of both his colleagues and the legal community by receiving numerous awards for the work he has done. He has been named a Southern California Rising Star every year since 2017, recognized year after after year for securing a top-100 settlement or verdict, and has been listed in Best Lawyers of American since 2019. As recognized by his awards and nominations, Mr. Sasooness has recovered millions for his clients and is responsible for numerous seven-figure and six-figure verdicts and settlements.

When he is not working, Mr. Sasooness is spending his time living it up with his lovely wife, Sharon. They enjoy staying as active and possible and spending quality time with family and friends. Traveling is a must. Shawn will enjoy a weekend staycation with his wife as much as he will enjoy a two-week vacation in Europe. He is all about quality time. Basketball and golf are what he enjoys to play and watch.

Shawn Sasooness Esq.

Founding Partner